• Donna Ferrigno

Can you touch the tip of your nose with your tongue?

My "Spotlight Shot of the Week" features Anna, a stunning Labrador Retriever.

Anna is kind, pleasant and always outgoing when I arrive. On this sunny day, we were out walking down by the water. And because it was such a beautiful day, I began taking pictures with my cell phone. This was not easy. The brightness of the sun made it nearly impossible to see what I was taking pictures of. But, I kept trying. To my surprise, when I got back home and went through my pictures I couldn't believe what I captured! There were no tricks. No peanut butter on the nose. No Photoshop editing. This was pure dumb luck.

I was so thrilled with this shot that I entered it in a photo contest on Viewbug, Only Pets. When I browsed through all of the other! There are so many incredible pictures of pets. Good luck to me! Check it out simply for the pure enjoyment of it.

Now, I know I can't touch my nose with the tip of my tongue but Anna sure made it look like a breeze!


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