• Donna Ferrigno

M U T T : Magnificent - Unique - Tender - Trustworthy

Updated: Mar 28

My Spotlight Shot of the Week features Moxi, a spirited mixed breed (a.k.a: mutt). She has a silky black coat with brownish gold specks throughout and beautiful brown soulful eyes.

Mutts. Mixed breeds. Mongrels. Some may think of them as as a substandard variety. But all it really means is that the dog does not belong to any one recognized breed. They are by no means inferior to crossbreeds or pure breeds. In fact, studies have shown mixed breeds to be healthier, better behaved, and living longer.

As a dog walker and pet sitter, sometimes I am lucky enough to meet my clients when they are a puppy. I got the pleasure of watching Moxi grow up into a devoted, fun-loving dog. And for the record, I hate referring to them as "clients". I prefer to think of them as my"extended fur-baby family."

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