• Donna Ferrigno

The ABC's of the Bernese: Affectionate, Beautiful and Colorful

My "Spotlight Shot of the Week" features Mona, a strikingly beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog.

A large, heavy dog known for its distinctive tri-colored coat, black with white chest and rust colored markings around the eyes, sides of mouth, front of legs, and a small amount around the white chest.

Aside from her physical beauty, Mona is very affectionate and longs for the same affection from people in return. She has two older siblings, Sophia and Walter. And, whenever I show any kind of attention to them, she comes running over and literally plops and I mean plops herself on my feet. She is not light like a feather but rather more of a gentle giant. I absolutely love her! But, don't let her big size fool you. She has bursts of energy so stand guard when she comes charging at you... she can take you out!

Fun Fact about the Bernese

Bernese mountain dogs mature a bit slower than other dogs, so they require consistent and patient training.

So if you love you go!


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