• Donna Ferrigno

The Italian Stallion...or is he French?

I know, I know. I've fallen a little behind on my "Spotlight Shot of the Week" but here he is, Freddie. Freddie is a charming, toy poodle for which I have the pleasure of walking every week.

It was a cold day when I arrived to walk Freddie and his two siblings, Baxter and Daisy. As I came through the door and saw Freddie there, with his tiny gray sweatshirt on, I immediately started laughing. I mean, come adorable is this little guy?

I have given him several nicknames like Freddie Prince and Freddie Bean. Yet, on this day, he reminded me of Rocky, "The Italian Stallion". You are probably thinking - but he's a French Poodle. On the contrary, here is a fun fact for you...


Toy Poodles have been popular pets for centuries including in the court of Louis XVI. Poodles did not originate in France, but they are often referred to as French Poodles because the were so popular in that country.

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