• Donna Ferrigno

The Labrador Retriever: kind, friendly, outgoing and nosy. YES...NOSY!

I have been caring for this sweet girl for several years now. Maggie and I go on long walks about four times a week. Sometimes I walk her. Sometimes she walks me. Whenever I arrive, she is so excited for some play time that she instinctively retrieves her toy. Once I leash her up and head out the door she grabs the leash in her mouth and pulls me down the driveway. You see, she likes to think she is walking me and I truly believe she knows what a kick I get out of this.

We all know Labs make an excellent family dog. Aside from being great with children of all ages and other animals, they are a very curious and exploratory breed. The proof is in the pudding, I mean NOSE. A dog’s sense of smell is his strongest sense. While all dogs are capable of detecting scent that is airborne, as well as scent trails along the ground. Some are more focused on one style or the other. Maggie is definitely one that has her nose to the ground. And, when she has caught a scent of something? There is no budging her! She is as strong as an ox!

Fun fact about Labs

The Labrador Retrievers (among others) have the ability to detect drugs and explosives, follow a blood trail, and find missing people, but more recently our Labradors play an increasing role in detecting diseases such as cancer. Fascinating indeed.


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