My Promise to You

What you can expect from me...

I promise to provide all services in a reliable and professional manner.  I will be the sole caregiver of your dog and above all else… I will care for your dog as if he or she were my very own.  Beginning with our Meet & Greet, we will go over your dog’s normal daily routine.  We will discuss any concerns or issues you may have and settle on a time frame during which you would like your dog visited.  Creating this schedule provides consistency and reliability for both you and your dog.  All visits include fresh air and exercise, potty break, playtime, fresh water, treats with positive behavior reinforcement, and lots of tender loving care.  All visits end with a text notification updating you on your dog’s exploits for the day and any concerns or issues that may arise.  


And by the way... I love taking pictures! 

Whenever I capture that adorable shot of your pet… I will share!

Donna with her Zoey

My Story

Why I Became a Pet Sitter

For as long as I can remember, I always had a great passion and love for dogs. I am fortunate to have two amazing dogs, Sambuca and Zoey. Buca (for short) is my standard poodle. She is affectionate, devoted, energetic, regal and like most poodles, very intelligent. Zoey, my goldendoodle, is friends to everyone and strangers to no one. She is cheerful, loving, loyal, playful and very smart as well. The pleasure I get from my dogs and the unconditional love they show me in return is priceless.

During my journeys about town, I always found myself walking up to complete strangers and striking up conversations about their dog. After all, they must be a dog lover like me, right? And, who doesn't want to talk about their dog? If it were up to me, I would come home with a different breed of dog every day. But, obviously, that is just not possible so becoming a Pet Sitter was the next best thing. 

Changing lifestyles and careers consume more time these days. People travel more, for both business and pleasure, put off having families and rely more on pets as an outlet for affection. But traveling poses problems. Who do you call? Who can you rely on? Pet parents want the best possible care for their fur babies. I know I do. When planning our family vacation, I didn't want to traumatize my dogs by bringing them to a kennel. Ok, so "traumatize" is a poor choice of words. There are many good kennels out there. But, knowing my dogs, I felt they would be more comfortable at home. So I decided to hire my own pet sitter. I wanted to keep my dogs home in their own environment where they would feel safe, secure and above all stress-free. 

It was at this time, I decided I wanted other pet owners to feel the same level of comfort as I did. Just knowing someone reliable is there to provide the right care for their dog brings great peace of mind. In addition, feeling good about what I do and having fun should be part of every career and job. 


This is why I became a Pet Sitter.