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Services & Rates

Keeping Your Pets Happy

Woman Hugging Dog

Meet & Greet

Let's Get Acquianted

We begin with a free in-home consultation to meet and get to know one another. This is the perfect time for me to get acquainted with your pet and most importantly,

your pet with me.

Together, we will come up with the right care plan for your pet by reviewing his or her daily routine. We can also discuss any other issues or concerns that you may have. We will go over your home's layout and any other services you require. I will be more than happy to accommodate your schedule and am available most evenings and weekends.


Please contact me with any questions or to simply setup an appointment.


Daily Dog Walks

Exercise for good mental and physical health

Hiring a dog walker is one of the kindest things you can do for your dog. Not only will your dog get a much needed potty break and fresh air, but exercise for both good mental and physical health.


Depending on your dogs needs, we will either take a vigorous walk to burn off some of that built up energy or simply take a relaxing stroll. All walks end with fresh water, a treat and a little extra TLC. I follow up with a text notifying you of your pets shenanigans for the day.

Basic Walk 30 minutes $23.00

Extended Walk 45 minutes $28.00

Extended Walk 60 minutes $33.00

Please note: extended walks are not available

Monday through Friday between 9am-5pm) 

Holiday Rates are an additional $10 per visit

Any walks outside my service area will incur a

$2.00 fuel surcharge.

Golden Dog

Pet Sitting

Peace of Mind

Whether you are on vacation, travelling for business, or it's just another day at the office, I will be there to walk, play, and feed your pet. The bonus for you is absolute peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is receiving plenty of love and attention while you are away from home.


Your pet will remain in a familiar, secure environment where all the sights, sounds and smells stay the same.  In keeping with regular diet and exercise, your dog will also receive love and personal attention as if he or she were one of my own.


Your home will be kept secure by giving you services such as alternating lights, bringing in the mail and newspaper, watering plants and any other request you may have.

Basic Visit 30 minutes $23.00

Extended Visit 45 minutes $28.00

Extended Visit 60 minutes $33.00

Please note: extended visits are not available

Monday through Friday between 9am-5pm) 

Holiday Rates are an additional $10 per visit

Any visits outside my service area will incur a

$2.00 fuel surcharge.

Overnight Stays

Comforts of Home

Think about it...

no dog likes to be left alone for an extended period of time.


Dogs are real social animals and love to have someone with them at all times. Having someone you trust in your home provides added security and gives real comfort to both you and your dog. You will receive all the benefits of Pet Sitting plus your pet will feel immense gratification knowing someone is there with them through the night.

Midday walks are not included in this price

Holiday rates apply: additional $10 per night/per stay


I recently welcomed a new little one to my fur baby family. The needs of my new puppy, my elderly dog and my "middle child" require me to be here overnight. They are my first priority. What I can offer you at this time are multiple visits throughout the day. 

Lazy Brown Dog

Pet Taxi

When life gets t0o busy

Let’s face it…. life gets crazy!


Sometimes you just can’t adjust your busy schedule to bring your dog to the veterinarian, the groomer, or doggy day care.  When this happens, you can count on me. I will bring your dog for you and he will be in loving, caring and most importantly familiar hands.


Transportation will be based on time of initial pickup of your pet to his or her final destination. It can be one-way or round trip. Wait times and special requests to stay with your dog incur additional fees.  In addition...I can also pick up pet supplies when your're crunched for time. 

Pet taxi:  $25 (base price up to 30 minutes)

Anything after 30 minutes, add $5 per 15 minutes

​Please note:

Holiday rates apply: additional $10 per visit.

Any rides outside my service area will incur a

$2.00 fuel surcharge.

Contact me to discuss the best care plan for your pet.

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