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Photo of woman on park bench with three dogs


What my customers say

From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for the kind words. I am very fortunate to have an incredible group of clients that I like to consider my extended fur-baby family.

~ Donna

Photo of Deeda, a client's dog


"Donna is like a Mary Poppins for dogs.  She takes care of my poodle like it was her own and by doing so she makes the entire household run better. She is my dog's other mother!"​

~ Andrea D.


"Donna is incredible. She will care for your pets like they're her own.  She is caring, reliable and responsible.  Donna is truly a wonderful person and the best dog sitter ever!"

~ Jennifer S.

Photo of Willow, a client's dog
Photo of Willow, a client's dog


"Donna has been an incredible addition to my family. She is a wonderful leader/caretaker of my Huskie, Willow. She is a custodian of my property and a resource for my elderly mom. Donna's attention to detail and awareness of what is happening or may happen in my home is a great benefit to me as I travel on business frequently. Donna is not just a "Dog Sitter', she is your whole package."

~ Shaun M.


"We are so fortunate to have met Donna and welcomed her into our life. Ozzy adores Donna and can not wait to see her for walks and overnights! I have complete trust in Donna, she is a natural with animals and always goes above and beyond for Ozzy! She sends photos and stories about their time together to give us peace of mind our boy is happy. Ozzy fell in love the moment he met her, she's more like Aunt Donna to him!"​

~ Christina and Wes

Photo of Ozzy, a client's dog
Photo of Meiomi, a client's dog


"Donna was with us when our Honey was saying goodbye on her last days. It took me 2 1/2 years to get the courage to bring a new puppy love into our lives. I contacted Donna immediately because there is no one else who I trust completely with our baby girl, Meiomi. Donna is there everyday, rain or shine, to take our girl on a walk, feed her, and play. Meiomi knows when I leave for work her Auntie Donna will be there soon. I have such peace of mind having Donna take care of our new puppy love and Meiomi loves Auntie Donna and listens for the crunch of the stones in the driveway everyday, wagging her tail to greet Donna. I love hearing about their daily escapades in the neighborhood."

~ Ann G.


"Donna takes amazing care of our Golden Retriever, who she's been walking and watching for us since he was 6 months old.  Always dependable, sends daily updates, and is always a pleasure.  We trust her completely and are very grateful we found her."​

~ Laura S.

Photo of Bear, a client's dog
Photo of Maggie, a client's dog


"Donna is reliable, caring, and trustworthy. Our dog bonded immediately with her and so have we. It gives us such peace of mind to know our dog is so well cared for in our absence."

~ Katie L.


"Donna makes it possible to be a dog lover and go to work! She is reliable, energetic, and adores dogs. She treats our dogs like they are her own. Donna has been caring for our 16-year-old dog and puppy for over a year and showers them both with love and affection. They can't wait to see her!"

~ Megan and Jeff M.

Photo of Lola, a client's dog
Photo of Dart, a client's dog


"We were lucky to have found Auntie Donna to care for our doggies & kitties when needed. She is so thoughtful in her care and pampering of our furbabies, even moreso than us at times! It is her true passion and you can even tell in her updates and photos from each visit. She brings out the best in them and it's apparent in the photos. It is so heartwarming and comforting to know that they are well cared for in our absence. She has a true gift for tending to animals and you would be lucky to have her care for yours!"

~ Kathy G.

The Ridgebacks: Kona, Reko, and Cora

"Donna is the most caring, reliable, and trustworthy dog sitter I have ever met. My three dogs love seeing her and she even celebrates their birthdays."​

~ Jeff T.

Photo of the ridgebacks, 3 dogs owned by a client
Photo of Roo, a client's dog


"Donna is the best and has been such a lifesaver for us! She began taking care of our dogs when Roo was a puppy and we needed help getting her housebroken as I am a teacher and cannot get home during the day. In addition to dog walking, Donna has also cared for our dogs many times over the years while we were on vacation. You cannot imagine the peace of mind you get when you know you've left your babies in such capable hands. Donna cares for our dogs as if they were here own. Walks, playtime, belly rubs, and all! And there's always a text letting me know how things are at home! Not to mention the pictures! The best pictures of my pups have been taken by Donna!

~ Sarah D.


"It took me a long time to convince myself that it was OK to have a dog walker/pet sitter who was not a trusted relative.  When our new puppy grew twice the size that we were expecting (97 lbs.), it was time to take action. I found Donna through a referral from someone I trusted. Working in Law Enforcement, there are not too many people I would trust in my home or with my pets. Donna has been nothing short of amazing. My dog Harper LOVES her. We have had her on board for almost two years for routine walks and vacation coverage. She assisted with the specific exercise routine Harper needed after an extensive surgery. She also is very in tune with the animals and if something seems out of sorts with them. Once she even had to take Harper for an unexpected emergency post surgical visit while we were away. She did not hesitate to contact me and take swift action. She is super knowledgeable, reliable and flexible. She also cares for my daughter's dog when he is visiting and our cats when we are out of town. All of the animals adore her. I know that her care and walks directly contributed to my large dog's sweet, laid back, and calm demeanor. She was truly an integral part of Harper's exposure and training. I can't say enough good things about her service and the peace of mind she allows us to have."​

~ Sandy B.

Photo of Harper, a client's dog
Photo of Blue, a client's dog


"Finding Donna has honestly been such a blessing for our family. We have a lot of pets – dogs, cats, and chickens – and Donna cares for all of them. To say that she is loving, reliable, and responsible would be an understatement. We trust her implicitly! Our dogs in particular are completely obsessed with her, waiting for her at the backdoor even after we’ve returned from vacation! She has even cared for them when they were sick, bringing them prescription food and giving them their medications. Not only does Donna provide outstanding pet care, but goes above and beyond in general – bringing in packages, turning lights on for us when we’re out in the evenings, cleaning pet bowls, etc. She is a pleasure to communicate with, always sending pictures, updates, and funny anecdotes. We are consistently impressed with her thoughtfulness! We used to really stress about going away, worrying endlessly about our pets, but Donna has given us so much peace of mind, traveling is now much more fun and less stressful. I would recommend her services a million times over. Thank you, Donna!"​​

~ Caitlin N.


"Donna is wonderful!  Our 2 dogs (and cats) have been cared for like her own beloved animals.  One of our dogs was a challenged (biting) rescue dog and Donna handled him like no other caregiver could.  We trust her implicitly.  We always recommend her and will continue to use her."​​

~ Kristin B.

Photo of Lulu, a client's cat
Photo of Charley, a client's dog


"It's hard to put a price on peace of mind and assurance that your dog is safe and happy when you can't be with them. We found Donna the week of our wedding when a coverage plan for our 10 month Golden Retriever Charley (Flower Girl) fell through - wow were we lucky!  After five minutes on the phone with Donna, it was clear that she loved animals just as much as us. Donna was always quick to respond and often with puppy pics, Donna is highly dependable and professional. Drop-offs, pick-ups, walks... She was incredibly easy to work with, flexible around our schedule and took wonderful care of our pup. We absolutely trust Donna and couldn't recommend anyone more highly."  

~ Matt and Jenny M.


"I'd like to start by saying I put off getting a dog-sitter for our pup because I was so nervous about leaving him with someone we didn't know. We've never left him with anyone other than friends or family and he's never been kenneled. A friend of ours recommended Donna and she was truly a BLESSING. We reached out to her just about a week before our wedding. Nevermind the late notice, she came right over to our home to meet our fur baby and we knew immediately that he would be well taken care of. She got right on the floor with him and made sure that she had everything she needed to know about him re: feeding, walking, routine, etc. Donna is so good with animals and our pup clearly loved her. We were entirely comfortable leaving him in her care while we were away for our wedding weekend. She even took the time to send us pictures and updates, which was so nice. Remy had his second birthday while we were away and Donna even brought a special treat (and even asked us ahead of time to be sure we were okay with him having it). Donna is so thoughtful and caring and took such great care of Remy. We would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for a dog-sitter and we'll certainly be using her again in the future. Thank you, Donna!​

~ The Newlyweds (Shelby & Erik)

Photo of Remy, a client's dog
Photo of Honey, a client's dog


“...the first day, you got down on the floor with Honey and her tail started wagging like crazy and you were giving her kisses.  It was love at first sight and I would tell her Donna is coming to take you out and she would look for you!!!"

A note from your pet sitter: This was my favorite photo of you. You loved rolling around in the grass on those sunny days. You are missed. Rest in peace sweet Honey.

~ Ann G.

Photo of Sandy, a client's dog


"I mentioned to a friend of mine I could use some help walking my dog. She gave me Donna's name. We have been using Donna on a regular basis for about a year. Donna is reliable, has been there in all types of weather, and most importantly loves my dog! I would highly recommend Donna to take care of your pet!"​

~ Kathy P.


"Our pup absolutely loves Donna, and so do we.  She is flexible with our unpredictable schedule, and 100% reliable!"

~ Jennifer S.

Photo of Kisses, a client's dog
Photo of Brody, a client's dog


"Our boy loves his Auntie quasi mommy ever...this house is happy when you take the reigns...we thank you every day of our time away...xo lady. Our boy adores his Auntie much so that he gives us a sort of disgusted look when we return...LOL."​​

~ Carol B.


"We are so lucky to have found Donna! Gidget the dog is a 10 year old rescue who is nervous about meeting new people, but she immediately sensed she could trust Donna. Gidget experiences health issues from time to time that require us to treat her with extra special care and to follow strict protocols. Donna has helped us though it all! She takes wonderful care of Gidget, and always checks in to give us updates on how she's doing. It's clear that Donna truly loves the dogs she works with."​

~ Martha F.

Photo of Gidget, a client's dog
Photo of Billy, a client's dog

Billy and Cocoa (not pictured)

"Very responsive, reliable, and kind towards my dogs. Also very friendly and professional. I've had dogs most of my life, and Donna is one of the best. I highly recommend her. You will be worry free."​ (Review from Google)

~ Kevin R.


"Donna is like having a relative come over and care for our animals. She has taken care of our cats and is now helping us with our puppy. She goes above and beyond in being there for her clients. Donna genuinely loves the animals she cares for. Recently she had to unexpectedly take our dog to the vet after she chewed through her plastic cone. I highly recommend Donna for pet care."​ (Review from Google)

~ Andrea B.

Photo of Bernie, a client's dog
Photo of Brodie and Penny, a client's dogs

Brodie and Penny

"We recently had Donna stay overnight with our 2 dogs. At our first meeting I could tell she was a great fit to care for our fur babies! Our dogs immediately connected with her...her kind nature and love of animals was apparent. We're looking forward to having Donna care for our pups again soon! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent dog sitter!"​ (Review from Google)

~ Katrina P.

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